Episode 28

Music Producer 102 - Kinesthetic Observation


August 28th, 2018

46 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

To learn how can you increase your observation skills as a producer or musician. Using your senses a barometer to feel and know what works or not.

The definition of kinesthetic relates to learning through feeling such as a sense of body position, muscle movement and weight as felt through nerve endings.
It is the involuntary response of your body that is caused by your emotions/feelings.

Look for cues
Goldmine cues are like getting chills, goosebumps when you listen to a piece of music and if you can consistently make music that has people responding that way, you've probably got a career in front of you.

The Secret Weapon - kinesthetic response
If you can learn how to harness this and how to really get your own observation skills heightened, by playing your music for other people and noticing how they respond.

Heightening your observation skills of kinesthetic responses can help you in many many different ways, as a performer, as a producer, as a composer, as an engineer. So we encourage you to really start developing these skills, both by using your own body as a barometer, and also by observing other people.

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Intro music by: Home - Billiards
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash