DIY Acoustic Treatmeant

Episode 35 · October 31st, 2018 · 1 hr 13 mins

About this Episode

Bryan and Jude finally moved into their home studio and the next step is to treat those nasty acoustics. In this episode, Daniel gives some really great tips on acoustic treatment the DIY way or on the cheap. Making it an interesting yet technical episode.

-Blocking sound from coming in or out of the room. Creating an isolated space without audio interference coming in or going out
Acoustic Treatment
-Controls the room tone. Making the speakers work better with the room.

Types of Acoustic Treatment

  • Bass Trap Panel
  • Absorbers Panel
  • Diffusers Panel
  • Helmholtz Resonator Panel
  • Thick Drapes/Curtains

3 Key Areas in a Room

  • Trihedral corners – shown in the diagram as the red dots (3 plane surface corner)
  • Dihedral corners – shown in the diagram as the blue lines (2 plane surface corner)
  • The Walls – Well. The Walls.

Simple Room Test

  1. Clap your hands as loud as possible
  2. If you hear nasty harsh metallic reflections, you need to make the room dry with more absorption materials
  3. If you hear more reverb and its pleasant, you need more diffusive materials to control the reverb time(RT60)

Acoustic Treatment Priority (Recommendations)

  1. Bass Traps
  2. Diffusing & absorbing side walls ‘First Reflections’. (acoustic panels/diffusers)
  3. Diffusing & absorbing side walls ‘Second Reflections’.(acoustic panels/diffusers)
  4. Diffusing back wall reflections. (bookshelf, sofa, acoustic panels/diffusers, helmholtz resonator)
  5. Absorbing front wall.(acoustic panels)
  6. Diffusing the ceiling (acoustic panels) and/or absorbing (carpet) the floor on the sweet spot/listening spot

Mirror Trick Youtube
Sonarworks Sound Calibration Software

Periphery - Absolomb Song Breakdown by Rick Beato

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